Eric & Wendy


      Nave’s Sawmill is a husband and wife team with several sawmills.   We have an old circular mill that is more like a museum piece.  It has a 52" blade and is currently inoperational.  We also have a Woodmizer LT50 band mill.  This is a 2012 upgrade from the LT15 that we had and used for 13 years.  We now also have a Lucas Dedicated Wide Slab Mill that will cut up to 5' wide slabs. What started out as a simple hobby has gotten way out of control. 


      When you come to our place, be prepared to hear some “Woodlot Theology”.   You see, we really love our wood and sometimes the dust gets to our heads.   So you might hear us comparing the cracks in the wood to the “defects” in human character, or comparing the worm holes to sin in our lives.   Our theory is that trying to hide either one never works so why try?  People and wood are both more interesting when you can see the real thing.    If you want clear, perfect boards, pick something other than mesquite.    If you want perfect people, wait till you get to heaven. 


      Our main business is custom mesquite furniture.  I particularly like makeing liturgical furnishings for churches.   However, there is usually a good selection of cutting boards, crosses, bootjacks, candle holders, etc...ready to go.  And, of course, we will custom saw your logs and sell lumber.


We will, however, come get your trees if they are large and close to Kingsville, saving you lots of work and the expense of disposal.  


Everybody thinks that just because mesquite lumber is expensive and makes beautiful furniture that their tree is worth a fortune. It is expensive because of the extra labor involved in harvesting it and because of the super heavy duty equipment needed to process it.   


It is just firewood until it gets in the hands of an artist with an excessive addiction to buying superduty machines.  

EVENINGS AT THE MILL...Last customer of the day brings the beer.  Its a rule.  We usually have a fire going, tell stories, shovel sawdust and maybe even saw a few logs! Just don't drool on our wood or our machines!  Ok?   Come see some of the most beautiful Mesquite anywhere in South Texas.